Superfish II versus Rusty Piranha

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Superfish II versus Rusty Piranha

Postby Timtwotone » Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:55 pm

Hello, first time poster, long time MSW troller....

I'm debating about buying a new board and would like some input from any informed users on this forum. Firstly, a bit about me: 180 pounds, 6 foot 4, started 4 years ago, surfing 50-60 days a year, currently own a 6'8" superfish xl. I surf mostly west coast cold water beach breaks (not in Britain) but we go on a warm-water trip at least once a year. I would describe my level as "aspiring" intermediate? Somewhere between that ambiguous area of novice-intermediate I guess?? Not going vertical and not doing hacks or big cutbacks, but easily catching waves and making sections, a workable bottom turn, decent at making steeper drops, and not bad at changing direction on a wave face although I wouldn't describe it as a cutback. I've surfed in slightly overhead waves a few times and have had fun but also have had the usual struggle getting outside and/or getting caught inside when it's big like this. My friend who I surf with a lot (who's better than I) would say "he's catching waves easily and going down the line nice and smoothly, knows what he's doing in most conditions that aren't overhead".

I have the 6'8" 7S superfish xl for two years now and have really enjoyed it a lot. Once I put my 5/4 mm wetsuit on I'm probably at the perfect recommended weight for the 6'8". This past year has been especially great with a trip to Portugal, Kauai, and lots and lots to the west coast and generally it's been a year of great surfing. Never have frustrating sessions anymore, mostly just fun times. But now I'm starting to wonder if I should get something with just a little more performance, so that I can start doing more aggressive turns. Thing is I don't want to give up the ability to catch waves.

I've looked at the new 6'6" superfish II and the same size in the Rusty Piranha and also the 6'8" Rusty Piranha. The Piranha is comparable in shape and volume but has more rocker. I've even looked at the same board I own but the newer version (superfish II) as it has a more radically shaped tale and double concave (easier to turn and faster??). So my question to you MSW forum users, what do you think of these boards and my situation? I'm looking for thoughts from informed users that know these boards especially. I would like something that still catches waves easily like what I have but an increase in performance, even a little. I have no misconceptions about becoming a high performance surfer at my age (42) and starting the sport so late in life. I just want to have a little more performance in a sport I'm already having a total blast at. Might even consider getting a 6'6" and keeping the 6'8"??
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Re: Superfish II versus Rusty Piranha

Postby flacky » Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:24 pm

Rusty all day long, if only for the amount of boards under their belt.
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