Second board.

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Second board.

Postby amy_ta » Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:46 am

So I need some advise on my second board.
I had the first 3 lessons on what I think was a 9" soft board.
I then went to a 7" shakka soft board which I have taught myself on for the last 3/4 months. It took a good few weeks to get used to even being on something so much smaller. But I am pretty confident on it now, and once I am on a wave I feel I have control to avoid people and also some maneuverability. I am in pretty good shape and looking to increase my arm/back strength even more so that I can progress to a smaller board and still get on waves. I am 5"2 , weigh 46 kg and female.
The beach is at the end of my road and so I probably surf somewhere between 2-5 times a week, wave dependent.
I was thinking to progress to a fish.
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