2nd board for bigger days and power surfing

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2nd board for bigger days and power surfing

Postby surfjomama » Wed Aug 07, 2013 4:05 pm

Hi guys, my main board is a 5'9 Webber mini fish and it's incredible; i will not be parting ways with it. It is similar to a regular short board, but as you all know, a fish doesn't really work too much above head height! I'm only 16, but i'm not so into the whole 'epileptic fit' style of surfing that loads of guys do now... i'm more into the older guys like Tom Carroll, Tommy Curren and Gerry lopez. I guess what i mean is 'soul surfers' or 'power surfers'. Because of that, i tend to prefer slightly bigger short boards (6'0, 6'2, 6'3 etc) and really like single fins, because my entire style is based around Tom Carroll (big, powerful carvers and clean lines.) Is there a particular board out of these that you all think would work for this?
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Moss research-spacecake. (single fin and my personal favourite.)
What do you guys think?
Thanks very much and happy surfing!!!! :wink:
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Re: 2nd board for bigger days and power surfing

Postby VillageIdiot » Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:38 am

May be worth checking out a 'widowmaker' type board. You can really put your weight into turns without losing grip and they can handle some size too.
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