Pascuales advice?

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Pascuales advice?

Postby Rohan » Sun May 05, 2013 1:11 pm

Hi all,

Just looking for some advice on Pascuales. I have 3 months off as of November and would like to head to Pascuales, Mexico in November. I went to Puerto Escondido last November and it was the sickest trip! But I hear that Pascuales is a similar wave but much less crowded? So here are some questions:
Is November a good time to go? If not then when is a good time?
The best way to get there from The UK?
A good place to stay?
What is the vibe like? Friendly locals?
Any other waves near by?
Anyone want to come?

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Re: Pascuales advice?

Postby Philshoz » Sun May 05, 2013 2:24 pm

I think Joe Pascuales is an irritaing twat with an unfeasably high whining voice
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Re: Pascuales advice?

Postby surfrat » Sun May 05, 2013 8:10 pm

good wave but the village is a bit dull. nice town nearby. great breaks a short bus ride away. does get busy tho...and very very big. blown out often in afternoons so can be a lot of hammock time
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Re: Pascuales advice?

Postby Rohan » Mon May 06, 2013 1:17 am

Thanks Surf Rat. Have you been to Puerto Escondido? Would like to know what the crowd and actual waves are like in comparison to each other?
I'm currently in Nusa Lembongan in Bali and although the waves are sick I've decided that I'd really like my next trip to have a minimal crowd ha.
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