Learning to surf where and how?

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Learning to surf where and how?

Postby itsonbro » Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:12 pm


I'm from Switzerland and want to learn to surf. I want to ask you for a good destination where I can surf. I want to stay there for min. 2-3 month and travel further afterwards. I also want to learn shortboarding as fast as possible so I can benefit from that when I'm on college and doesn't have that much time to travel and surf.

I'm 5'8'' tall and weigh 160.9 lb. I'm very athletic, do a lot of many kinds of sports and often skate. I pick up new sports pretty quickly.

I was bodyboarding for a bit now so I really learned to know the ocean as far as observation, wave selection, currents, conditions, forecasting etc. goes (I'm not complete new to the ocean). I only surfed a soft top surfboard for a short time in a course for tourists in Hossegor france.

I'm finished with work on mid november so I considered Puerto Rico as a good destination because of it's consistency at this time of the year. What do you think? Is Puerto good for learning to surf? other destinations?

Whats tipps can you give me for learning to ride a shortboard?

I really appreciate help and tipps.

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Re: Learning to surf where and how?

Postby lexxel » Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:31 pm

It would be useful to know in what months (time of the year) you want to go to learn surfing.. Costa Rica for example is good from november-march or so.
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