O'Neill Psycho 3/2mm Medium

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O'Neill Psycho 3/2mm Medium

Postby briggfoot » Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:41 pm

Y'alright gang,
Just throwing it out there - after the above - an O'Neill Psycho 3/2mm wettie in size Medium.
The backzip one, as I think they all are, preferably a Psycho II or III as opposed to the first 'edition' of the suit which is a few years old.

Keeping my eyes peeled for a few months, and have seen a second-hand one in alright nick for £130, just wondering if anyone else has one floating about in better nick or price....?

Keeping an eye of Ebay, so no hunting around on there for me by some of the selfless souls we have on these boards as it makes me feel guilty :P :P
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