What to go for ?!? Please help :)

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What to go for ?!? Please help :)

Postby Joshwesson17 » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:26 pm

Hello all
I'm currently looking to buy a new wetsuit, gloves and boots. I don't get cold that quickly if this helps. I have been looking a lot atthe ripcurl flashbomb 5/3 chest zip, also there boots and gloves. I surf mainly in Cornwall in the summer when I have time off work but I want to head to the north east all year whenever possible on weekends because I live in the midlands and don't always get the best opportunity to go when waves are pumping.only reason I have been swayed toward that model is the flexibility of the suit . I know you can get 6mm ones but ideally I want one I could use most of the year without compromising to much flexibility . I thought about maybe getting thermal rash with built in hood for the cold days. If anyone has any advice or knowledge of their experiences of using these 3 products would be greatly appreciated. Also if you would recommend other gear as I'm going to be spending a bit of money and would like to get the best possible stuff for my needs. Thanks in advance , josh
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