Exeter to Croyde in the morning?! Last-minute.com

Looking for a lift to the beach? Got a car and fancy a help with petrol costs? Just want to bump into a few folk heading in the same direction?

Exeter to Croyde in the morning?! Last-minute.com

Postby briggfoot » Sat Oct 13, 2012 8:54 pm

Well the beast needs feeding again, so I'm thinking of heading to Croyde tomorrow (free NT parking) and hopefully get some small clean waves after the confidence-draining wipeouts at Bantham the other day.
However, I'm trying to save money this weekend for a winter wettie, so can't justify the £20 in petrol to get there and back unless anyone fancies going two's up on petrol?

Thinking of setting off early doors, 0645-7ish, and will check this at midnight tonight to see if there's any takers.
Got a roof wrack with soft bars + straps if you've got something long to chuck on top provided you know how to do it as I normally lob my board in my boot.

If you're game, bung me your mob number in a PM and I'll send you mine. I'm near Exmouth will be driving through Exeter.
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