Advice on selling

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Advice on selling

Postby tynemouthmatt » Sat May 04, 2013 10:06 pm

My Grandad used to be a wildlife photographer, he left behind a large amount of camera gear and instructed the majority of it to be sold. So I've been tasked with selling it on behalf of the family (as I do abit of photography).

There is too much stuff to list but there are some high quality lenses and would appreciate any advice to sell them.

The 3 big lenses are:

Canon FD 800mm f5.6 L with case

Canon FD 150-600mm f5.6 L with case

Minolta AF APO 300mm f2.8 with case, also a matching 2x tele converter

I've done abit of research and all of the above seem to sell for a fair amount.

It worth just listing them on ebay? or anyone know of and dealers thst may be interested?
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