Glassing with Solarez

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Glassing with Solarez

Postby mungo » Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:55 pm

Anyone used solarez for Lamming and sanding coats who can offer any advice please

Wondering pros and cons of using solarez over other brand (seabase resins) ... Any good bad experience' with adding uv cat to seabase polyres , failures etc etc..
Is Solarez worth the extra ££ per quart? 2ltrs will work out £40 + p&P.. whereas other res + uv cat is somewhat cheaper

This is a first time shape for me .. Lost 5'5 19 1/4 template, backyard glassing ...

Any and all info appreciated.. Have another thread here regarding fin set up & choice for this template..If you can chime in with any info, twould be good

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