ARBO wooden surfboard courses

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ARBO wooden surfboard courses

Postby itspaul » Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:45 pm


i just updated my blog ( with a few pictures from the last two hollow wooden surfboard building sessions in germany.

i can also announce the next uk date for such a three day board building jam. the weekend 26/27/28 april 2013 i have space for 4 builders at the bridge boathouses in richmond/london/uk.
there is more information on and people interested should get in touch via email:

i will be based at the underfall yard in bristol for the year and like last year in the basque country, i open up my workshop to people who want to learn how to build hollow wooden surfboards with the strip-and-feather method. apart from the intense three day workshops with four participants i can offer one-on-one weekends and evenings. dates can be arranged individually.

for past participants who still haven't glassed their boards i will organise a glassing/laminating weekend where i will show my way of glassing hollow wooden surfboards with entropy resin. when exactly i would arrange with those interested. everyone who still fears the task of glassing a board can contact me so we can start settling on a date.

anyone who wants a hollow wooden surfboard in paulownia but is not interested in the process and only the final product can order a custom board with me. i will build one board per month this year.

i always have a surplus of paulownia railstrips and top+ bottom skins and plywood templates that i can send to any interested builder. or past attendees from one of my workshops. get in touch to know whats available.

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Re: ARBO wooden surfboard courses

Postby Matt Rose » Sun Mar 17, 2013 6:35 pm

Id be interested in some paulownia? Ill drop you a PM.
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