Fins, size, placement, backhand, forehand, experiments.

Any discussion on shaping, designing, repairing and riding surfcraft of any type or shape. Also a good place to ask the 'what board should I buy?' question.

Fins, size, placement, backhand, forehand, experiments.

Postby Scotsurf » Sun May 12, 2013 4:22 pm

Hello all knowledgable ones,

Been pondering something recently, I'm a goofy and have always had issues going backhand when surf gets bigger, generally find myself pushing the tail too far away in the initial bottom turn and half the time end up on my arse with the wave breaking on my back, almost definitely my technique, trying to turn too quick so I get a look down the line over my shoulder.

Have been looking at Asymetric boards but think its a step too far, has anyone experimented with and had any kind of success with using different fins, say a set of quads where you use a larger/ smaller fin on the right to that on the left?

Am I talking nonsense? Just thought that maybe less / more fin surface area of fin could make a big differance.
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