17-YEAR-OLD Pro Shaper TAZ joins the Pukas family

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17-YEAR-OLD Pro Shaper TAZ joins the Pukas family

Postby tazshapes » Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:19 pm

17-YEAR-OLD Pro Shaper, Taz Yassin (Shaping since about the same time he could walk), has been signed with his own brand by the biggest surfboard manufacturing company in Europe and of the biggest in the world.
Pukas/Olatu is responsible for Channel Islands, Lost, Chilli, Mark Richards, etc etc board manufacturing and distributing for the whole of Europe. And is home to some of the best shapers in the world, form Johnny Cabianca (Gabriel Medinas master shaper) to Peter Daniels (High performance design ambassador for SouthAfrica since before Taz was born).

And we are proud to announce Taz’s official union to that stable of elite Shapers starting 2014...

Here’s a video of his latest trip to the factory, in preparation for his 2014 TAZ surfboards catalog with Olatu/Pukas...


For more info on TAZ’s boards, travels and happenings visit :
Or follow him on instagram @tazshapes
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