Decent places to stay by the sea: INDEX PAGE

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Decent places to stay by the sea: INDEX PAGE

Postby jdc84 » Sun Jun 28, 2009 5:33 pm

This thread is intended as a hyper link index to different countries "decent places to stay by the sea" (having all countries on the one link would become a complete mess, and having each country with its own sticky pointless)





Could we make this one sticky do you think??
(not the pages this INDEX links to, just this index)

Having seen the (so far) UK decent place to stay thread i thought it was a brilliant idea! So much so I thought there needs to be more pages for different countries: If all the different countries are under one thread it would become impossible to really use the thread effectively (I know i get bored very quickly of trudging through page after page of posts, especially with pointless bits of twitter in-between which then turn out into petty arguements). With a header page like this linking to individual countries and hopefully very little pointless twitter between relevant posts, "clm" could be on to a real winner here.

Obviously countries need to be added, it just needs more pages to link to.
I've done four example country links to start with but i'm sure most would like to see a lot more, Morocco, Tenerife, Lanzo, Ireland... etc

Also the UK one which is already a sticky needs to be retitled to have 'UK' in it, and for this to work the uk page removed as a sticky Also it would need trimming a bit, removing pointless text, making it easier to scan through for what is relevant to your self.

Anyway, i would have benefited with something like this several times now over the past few years and i'm sure many others too.
If we think this is a good idea let us know.



(this sort of index sticky paging could be used for other things too: Travel costs, car travel distances/ time, aeroplane costs, food costs in other countries.... etc: Basically everything that is relevant to surf travel, here in the UK or abroad)
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