Lohi's or Kandooma

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Lohi's or Kandooma

Postby clements40160 » Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:51 am

Off to the maldives in May with a non surfing girlfriend and a 20 mth old baby. Not too sure whether the all inc. deals of the lohi's would be a better choice over the luxury and more expense of the Kandooma resort. What do you think ??
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Re: Lohi's or Kandooma

Postby redboard » Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:38 pm

Sorry only just spotted this and maybe too late? I'm off to Lohi's this May for 6th year, plus did a surfboat trip about 8 years ago so fairly clued up on Maldives. Lohi's resort is cheap and cheerful, (some honeymoon couples can be a bit disappointed), if it was the UK it would be 3 star. Saying that, the food and drink is plentiful, the other surfers usually mellow and I love the place. From talking to other surfers who have been there, Kandooma is far more up-market and expensive. A large group of South African's last year did a week at each (Kandooma first) and said they preferred the setup at Lohi's, and the fact they weren't getting stung for every drink. I suspect a 20 mth year old will be happy on either as long as they like warm sea and sand! However the biggest issue is swell size, as Kandooma is usually half the size of Lohi's and technically May is still early season - I've never seen Lohi's flat but last year we had a couple of waist/chest high days when Kandooma would have been flat. Plus obviously Lohi's is a left and Kandooma a right. Hope this helps, maybe catch you the first two weeks of May, either way you'll have a great time.
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