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Postby Quetonto » Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:28 am

Hello men of the MSW,

just wondering if anyone knows of shops around the noosa area that is good for 2nd hand logs? (i'm presuming that there will be loads about?) ((around the 200ish mark))

had a little look round gumtree/ebay/google (and even the search function on here!?! :D )

andddd...another question...going over for 2 months...flying with emarites (know of a stewardess haha) so you get the 10ft surfboard allowance for free! would it be better to get one here? saw a few nice ones around here and a couple other places...for around that price.

thanks in advance guys
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Re: Sunshine Coast 2nd Hand Boards

Postby thechimp » Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:28 am

Hi, Classic Malibu on the roundabout at Noosaville have used boards, also Noosa Longboards in Hastings St, and the Golden Breed shop in Noosa. Presuming you are UK based (200 ish) i'm afraid you wont get much for that, the pound yesterday was 1.38 that lowest its ever been, so Oz is expensive!! new longboards are 1200 to 1500 bucks and flavour of the month Thomas (Thomas Bexon) Surfboards
can be up to two grand. Also check out the shops on the eastern beachies (Peregian etc).
My advice is to check out Ebay AU, there are bargains especially in the cities and you could pick up a board on the gold coast.
Just got back from a 3 month trip, long flat spells, rain, crowds but don't let that put you off, pleanty of waves on the eastern beachies and down the coast (alex, moffats) i actually prefer april to july downunder, have a good trip.
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Re: Sunshine Coast 2nd Hand Boards

Postby Quetonto » Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:06 am

Hey man, thanks for the reply,

yeah yeah, i'm in the uk.

hmmm i was looking through a few of them (noosa longboards, classic mal, and others) to high a price to justify for me ha, although did see some on gumtree around the area, a DMS 9ft2 for $350 looks very nice actually, and in noosa...hmmm

well..i'll probably just see whats happening when i get there...

thanks man
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