Advice for Indo This June

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Advice for Indo This June

Postby Soyarenal » Mon Mar 25, 2013 9:17 pm

Hey All,

I am stoked to be taking my first trip to Southeast Asia this Summer. I'll be hitting a few spots before heading to Indo via Malaysia. I have near unlimited flexibility as to which part of Indo I visit, though cheaply accessible is preferred.

I have been surfing for about 10 years in a wide range of sizes and conditions but NOT on coral reef yet. I'm really keen on finding a good break where I can build my confidence. So, I'm basically looking for an intermediate reefy, ideally a little off the radar, and with some size and heaviness options. I was looking at parts of South Sumatra or Sumbawa as it's meant to be easier to escape the crowds. Volcanos near pesisir selatan looks like a good option.

Any advice or first hand experiences would be greatly appreciated.
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