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Surf Holiday

Postby BOOOM » Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:29 pm

Hi Guys

Looking for some advice.. I am planning 3 week trip in July. I have been to France, Portugal and Spain already and want to go a little further and surf in boardshorts.

I have been thinking on:
Morocco - Any recommendations?
Bali - what do you reckon? Crowds putting me off? is it an issue? I know quite a few people (surfers/non surfers) who have been and I always hear mixed reports. I hear Kuta is party central. I would prefer to get out of Kuta and find quieter places with less crowds. Any surf camp recommendations?
Sri Lanka - I know very little about here
Maldive - I know very little about here
South America - I know very little about South America and I am being very vague as S.America is a vast continent. I am wary of travelling here alone especially going off the beaten track.. Any recommendations!

I have a bit of money to spend on this trip

PS. I have been surfing for 10+ years...
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Re: Surf Holiday

Postby Trixs » Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:43 pm

I'll just sharefrom my limited knowledge/experience:

Morocco: great place, cheap, great waves, nice weather, but not very good for summer. Fall, winter, first part of spring. Definitely not board shorts then.
Bali - Crowds potentially an issue for sure, depending on how good and aggressive you are (I am not very much of either so it was tough for me). Pollution is also pretty bad there. I would look at the surrounding islands. Lombok, Sumba, Sumbawa, Java. You can rent a bike and actually get to most of those islands with the bike (don't get killed though). I am not a surf camp guy so I can't give recommendations, but for sure there are plenty around.

No experience with the other places you list. I hear Mexico is really good in Summer. Better not travel alone through dodgy areas though!

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