Advice for indo trip

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Advice for indo trip

Postby Zacpro » Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:38 pm

Hi, so I'm heading to indo in febuary for 4-5 months with a budget of between 7-10k aus dollars to surf as much and as many waves as possible. It's my first time so have a limited idea of where to head to and where's good for the different seasons, I'm aware that I'll be going during two seasons. Was thinking of flying to Bali/Lombok, depending on the ash cloud. I'm an intermediate surfer, gooffy footed so prefer my lefts but also enjoy rights, only ever really surfed beach breaks, a couple of points. I really would liked to get barrelled at some point. As it's my first time going for reef breaks I would like to start easyish, although I like to push my ability as far as I can, biggest is best! (8ft-10ft faces is largest I've surfed mind you, but would like to surf bigger if I'm able to). I've read a lot about the mentawai islands, would love to go there but everything I've researched points to it being very expensive or inaccessible, but I've emailed a
Camp for prices, around April May time to hit the good season. My local beach is a crowded one so am used to crowds but would love some less crowded breaks. I ride a short board, was planning on taking two boards, a 5''10" and possibly a 6'4" for larger days. Would love some advice, itineraries, must visits, and date planning for maximum consistency of waves. I don't need much comfort, have been living out of a backpack for over two years, so cheap ad cheerful is Perfect for me Thanks in advance!
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