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Surfboards-Getting Around-Motorcycles advice

Postby Francis1986 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:52 pm

Hey! I'm going in Sri Lanka then indonesia in january for a total of seven months, been to america central quite a few times but asia is totally new for me.
I'm packing 2 boards : My regular thruster setup and my 6'8 single fin (sri lanka seems pretty good for this kind of board :))
I'm packing theses boards in a double boardbag.
Question is : How you guys get around the country with a big bulky double bag?
What if i want to go in the mountains and explore, do you always carry your boards with you or you leave them at the hotel or storage rooms ?
In indo i heard a great way to travel around Lombok or Bali or Sumbawa is to rent a motorcycle, is 2 boards on the side of it too big?
What y'all doing? Thx :)
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Re: Surfboards-Getting Around-Motorcycles advice

Postby Tomdiddlybomb » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:43 pm

Just back from Lanka and Lombok myelf. I took a triple bag with 2 boards and enough stuff in it to last a few months in different climates, which came to about 28kg. That was a tad sketchy on the side of a bike, but I'm not massively heavy to balance it out. 2 boards in a bag should be fine on the side of a scooter as long as the rest of your luggage is in a bag on your back.
In Sri Lanka you'll end up getting buses/taxis/tuk-tuks longer distance and just rent a scooter for getting around town, although with a board rack they're hard to find because they were sort of banned. (still found one and had no trouble with the police, they stopped us but no fines)
Indo is easier, you could rent one long term or even buy one and then sell it on when you leave, but again to go longer distances (crossing whole islands) a taxi is fairly cheap and easy if you find the right person
As for leaving boards in places, I didn't but I'm sure some places will let you, probably a good idea when going inland. always a risk but be sensible and you'll be fine

in short, just boards and padding in the boardbag (helps keep baggage handlers in a better mood too) and remember to bring your own straps to attach the bag to the roof of tuk-tuks and taxis. wheels on your boardbag help too. Buses are dirt cheap in sri lanka but definitely character building...
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