Staying at surfspot in south-east Asia

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Staying at surfspot in south-east Asia

Postby DrJim87 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:00 pm


Any recommendations in south east Asia for nice accommodation directly at a nice surf spot at a nice beach in a nice surrounding area? Surfspot should be suitable for just slightly advanced surfers - not beginner, but not confident enough on the takeoff for sharp and shallow reefs or massive waves etc. Type of accommodation could be anything from basic bamboo hut to a hotel. There we are very flexible.

My wife and I have just arrived in Lombok after reading many good stuff about this place for surfing. Maybe we were a little too idealistic but we haven't quite found what we were looking for: Some nice place to stay where we can grab our board in the morning, jump in the water for the first morning session and relax back in our hut or at the beautiful beach until ready for the next session. We are currently staying in Kuta which means before jumping in the water with our board we need to ride our scooter first and then take a boat to the reef.

We have two and a half more months and are not sure where we should go - Bali? Sri Lanka? ...?

Cheers, Nils
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