Whitewash - Check. Popup - Check. And now?

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Whitewash - Check. Popup - Check. And now?

Postby method » Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:52 am

I'm a beginner surfer and have been devotedly down at the beach practicing my pop up in the whitewash for a few months now, after disastrously trying to surf the bigger waves from the get go.

So, my board of choice is a 7"6 NSP Funboard which is serving me well and I'm popping up with no trouble on the white wash and have started being able to steer the board... until it slows down about 1 sec later. I'm ready to upgrade to something a little more challenging (wave wise) or at least a longer ride but have no real idea how to catch an unbreaking wave. I'm also a little bit nervous - when I started learning I spent most of my time nosediving and getting dumped... repeatedly.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be most excellent - my local surf break is a beach break which can be pretty unforgiving to learner surfers, there's a reef break nearby which seems more suitable (read: gently breaking, versus enormous dumping monster waves) but looks pretty shallow... am worried that my lack of steering could result in a broken head... advice? Ideas? Ta.
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Re: Whitewash - Check. Popup - Check. And now?

Postby lorcar » Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:46 am

obviously choose waves not so steep, not so hollow.
In my opinion your next step should be to get the feeling of catching unbroken waves, WITHOUT popping up. Just lay on your board, try to catch the wave and ride it still laying.
This implies: you must understand your position on the wave. AND you must understand your position on the board as well.
Nosediving and pearling are part of the game. EACH OF US has brutally been there, and sometime still is. If this worries you so much, give up now.
You must think in terms of entering the wave, having the board going down the line, of the rail cutting the wall, rather than in terms of popping up on the board. Just practice this laying on the board. Use your eyes, look where you want to go.
More than that.... arch your back and start paddle earlier.
Watch the big whiteboard Wednesday video lessons on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/user/innocentsurfschool these are among the best you can find.

And btw, I always thought popping up on whitewater is more difficult, due to the turbulence created by the foam!
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Re: Whitewash - Check. Popup - Check. And now?

Postby method » Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:22 am

Thanks for the reply! I watched the Whiteboard Wednesday lesson for pearling and it made so much sense... Now I see where I'm going wrong (need to paddle earlier and stronger, move weight forward on the board). Not so worried about the pearling now that I know the reason behind it, was pretty pissed that it was happening to me at least a dozen times everytime, all my own fault of course...

Definitely going to practice catching some un-breaking waves without trying to pop up, thanks again for the advice.
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Re: Whitewash - Check. Popup - Check. And now?

Postby Jim Birtwisle » Sat Apr 02, 2011 6:54 am

Yep, go looking for those clean, small days where it's coming up to waist high. Paddle from deep and get the feel of the board entering into a small clean wave. As above, ride prone and arch your back, once you get used to this the next step would just be to pop up all the way, although you will want to do this much earlier as the board catches the wave in the first instance. A knee high clean wave will probably still generate more speed and infinitely stability than broken whitewater that was once an overhead wave.
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