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advice on 1st board - mini content

Postby arthuuur » Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:06 am

so having grown up in devon for my entire life i've been a bit exposed to surfing, i guess you cant avoid it down here. i'd basically just hire whatever was available and cheap whenever i was at the beach with my family/friends (normally some ridiculous epoxy barge or a soft kids foam board,) but I never really looked at surfing as a sport or something i'd do more than a couple of times. last year however i went for a few rides with some friends who had started really getting into their surfing, i just borrowed whatever they had spare but unlike before i actually started to really enjoy it. i enjoyed it before obviously but somehow now it seems tons more fun.

so anyway cutting a long winded boring story short i'm looking at getting a board of my own. of the boards i've ridden the robert august mini mal stands out head and shoulders above the others. however, (a) i'm not worthy (b) i'm a cheap skate who balks at the thought of spending £500 on a surfboard (c) i cant face paying a vast sum of money to our delightful government in import tax and and equally vast sum to the scumbags at UPS/Royal Mail etc.

basically, what board is going to be a similar ride at a lower cost?

yours faithfully
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Re: advice on 1st board - mini content

Postby bombie » Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:28 pm

get a secondhand board. If buying privately then get a mate who knows what's what to help. If buying from a shop ask to take it for a test before plonking down the cash. Get the dimensions from the board you like and use them for reference. Don't be a tightarse - once you've made the initial investment (and that investment is fairly chunky by the time you've got your board, cover, leggie, wetsuit(s)) surfing is a relatively cheap pastime and the cost of boards has not increased significantly in 20 years. Get a travel cover for the board so that you minimise the opportunity for it to get smashed by inadvertent accidents when not in the water. Don't get a board sock (they are useless other than for keeping wax off car seats).
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Re: advice on 1st board - mini content

Postby flacky » Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:54 pm

Absolutely second hand all the way. Other than a Bic my first 3 other boards were second hand. Once you find what you like, treat yourself to a new one. Custom if you can. Brilliant sitting with a shaper and telling him what you want, why you want it, then hear him shoot you down and set you straight on why you don't want it at all... Depending on age, fitness, attitude toward surfing, it's hard to suggest a board. If you got on with the august, why not get something the same size. Good luck... Enjoy your first board!
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Re: advice on 1st board - mini content

Postby Sea&Sky » Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:44 pm

My first board not long ago was a 2nd-hand roger cooper mini-mal, which I picked up dirt cheap on e-bay. You don't give any info on your height/weight etc and I don't really have the experience to recommend one board over another, but you should definitely have a look at them, got me riding waves :)
Also cheap enough to afford new: ... 939wt_1141 ... 680wt_1141
But agree 2nd hand all the way if you can find one, also bought a 2nd hand longboard, again an e-bay bargain and the seller lived in my village; cheap P&P :)
It was well loved but if dings and damage have been well repaired and the board is watertight don't let a few battle scars put you off a good deal.
Happy shopping
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