14 Years old searching Surfboard

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14 Years old searching Surfboard

Postby catlovesnowbaording » Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:38 pm

Hey !
am 162cm tall and i have 48 kilos
i d like to buy me a surfboard but i dont know which
i ve never surfed but i learned the take of on a surfboard on a lake and i even snowboard and skateboard
i spent round 4 weeks on the sea in a year so it should be not that expensive.first i was thinking about to rent a surfboard every time but thats even more expensive than buying one.
i am really not into surfboards but i know that i d like to buy me a shortboard (yeah i know a shortboard isnt for beginners but i dont want to buy me a expensive 2,5meters tall surfboard which is only for beginners )and i even would like to learn surfin on a shortboard
so my question is : which size would you recommend for me ? and should i buy me a softboard first ?
sorry for my bad english
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