Advice/help required...

Any questions about learning to surf, or general questions about equipment, technique or improving your surfing.

Advice/help required...

Postby h20ruf » Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:20 pm


4 hours from sea, been 10 times in 18 months.
38 year old mid-life crisis suffering ex-skater.
15 stone rugby player build


Used Tiki 3mm old looking, stiff, ill fitting suit.
9'1/2" x 22.75 x 3 TDS board


Very eager and enjoy just trying.
Can get standing maybe 1 in 4 or 5 waves, anything from 1 sec to the end of the wave...


Board weighs an absolute ton, and it such hard work just getting it to the water, especially if there's the slightest breeze, that i am shattered before I begin, even for a big lad likeme, it's a real battle. Not to mention getting it back to the car after a session! Really takes the fun out of it.

Wetsuit, I'm broad shouldered and big chested, so it's very tight across chest and back, but too long in legs! Seems ok in terms of warmth, but it's really stiff and tight on shoulders, very old.


Should I get a different board? Don't mind a foamie even, as long as it puts the enjoyment into it again.

I'm seemingly too short for an XL suit, so would a custom one be the answer, or a step too far and just get a newer more flexible suit or get on with what I have?

Cheers in advance.
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Re: Advice/help required...

Postby Black » Sun Jun 24, 2012 10:14 pm

Board weighs an absolute ton
Check its weight against similar boards using internet, may be waterlogged & you need replacement/good repair. As for the wetsuit, go to shop & try some on, find one that fits & is flexible then buy it (an old suit is no good if you are going in the water regularly). If you can't find an off the peg wetsuit then you will need a custom made job. If there is nothing wrong with the board you need to go somewhere where the sea is a spit from the carpark!
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Re: Advice/help required...

Postby sandygroyne » Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:17 pm


Go indulge in a new suit! But as black says try them on, they've come on a bit from the old sizings and you can probably get a XL short suit or something that fits well, I've found Excel good for broad types but still try them all on! also they're amazingly flexible so that'll help not getting knackered so quick. Check all around your board for any dents in it or if any areas of the fiberglass are soft/discoloured as this'll show if you've got water coming in. If so take it into a shop and see what they say. Also surfing is a pretty physical sport so maybe doing some swimming/training away will make it more enjoyable when you make a pilgrimage to the sea.

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Re: Advice/help required...

Postby Philchapman » Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:44 pm

:P Hello mate!

No.1.... Get in more. As often as you can!

Work on Fitness for paddling, and Flexibility for popping to your feet. Practice the pop up on dry land. Work on getting your feet centred on the stringer, about 1/3 up from the tail. (Good "how to" vids on youtube).

Go and weigh your board. If it's over about 16/17 lbs it's probably letting water in, and needs repairs. You already have those board skills, so going shorter shouldn't be a problem. A 7'6" "mini-mal" type board should do you for a few years.

A newer wettie would help on all fronts. Try as many different brands as you can in one go (a workout in itself), as some have different fits to others. XLS might do you, as said above.

If you ever find yourself in Cornwall, P.M. me and I'll give you a lesson/ some pointers. :-D
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Re: Advice/help required...

Postby » Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:57 am

Personally I would recommend trying a mini mal rather than a longboard - perhaps something like 8"6??
And also if you really are serious about continuing surfing then perhaps try some yoga??
I think the most important thing when just starting out is to remember to always COMMIT to waves! :-D
Snugg do good custom suits and No limit Wetsuits with Greg in Porthcawl, Wales.
Hope this helps a little bit...Maybe you should also consider getting a few more tailored lessons with the board your using??
Happy surfing! :-)
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Re: Advice/help required...

Postby flacky » Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:20 pm

4 hours from sea? Where are you?

Stick with a longboard.
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