how to exit a wave on a body board.

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how to exit a wave on a body board.

Postby ctrl alt destruction » Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:49 am

Today i was surfing on a bodyboard 3m waves my biggest ever. So how do i exit waves occasionally il get a wave i can exit. but most of the time i catch a wave and end up going way into shore. The people on surfboards i always see them exiting like jumping over the back of the wave. everytime i ride im thinking how to exit and today when i caught one i looked up to my right when i was down the bottom of the wave and it was just breaking to the right of me i probably could have busted through it im not sure.

I usually wait about 10-20 metres in front of where everybody else is taking off so i dont get hit by the occasional big wave i want to be on it instead. maybe im catching the wrong waves, im on a beach break and its just a big wall that nearly all breaks at the same time but i always see surfers exiting. maybe i shouldnt catch the wall waves and wait closer in for one that has a slope to the side so i can exit?
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