**Post approvals - Read before you post if you are new**

The MagicSeaweed Forum Rules. Please read before posting.

**Post approvals - Read before you post if you are new**

Postby roberdy » Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:53 pm

As part of the forum SPAM prevention, the first 5 posts by newly registered users will go into a moderation queue for approval before they are visible to that new user or anyone else on the forum.

The moderators do not work full time (we have lives) so there could be a day or two delay before your post is approved.

Do not re-post your ad just because you do not see it immediately as it is probably waiting to be approved, duplicate posts will be deleted and you will receive a reminder to read these guidelines, repeated abuse will lead to a warning and then a ban.

Newly registered users will receive notification that their posts have been approved sent to the email address they entered when they registered if their profile settings allow it.

Note that if you have a post approved and you edit it while you are in the newly registered users group, that post will be put back into the moderation queue and the update will not be visible until it is approved.

If you feel a post has been deleted inadvertently please re-post it and send me a PM
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