NSP Minimal 7'2-7'4 ish?

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NSP Minimal 7'2-7'4 ish?

Postby defever » Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:26 pm

Hello weeders,

I'm looking for NSP and similar "indestructible" board, around 7'2" - 7'6" size (or Surf Betty type) for a beginner / summer-only surfer (i.e., wife).

In all fairness, she's had couple of surf lessons (though few years back) and she's happy with softop. She's such a nice lady and wants something that even I can use (oh how considerate). She's a bit clumsy so she's not prepared to jump onto a PU hand shaped boards as she's scared of dinging it.

We are now based in Hampshire and happy to plan a trip and travel afar if everything works.

If any fellow weeder has a NSP or similar that's been outgrown by your children / wife / other-half and just taking up your valuable space, then we'd like to hear from you and see what's available.

Many thanks and happy surfing!
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