New wetsuit fit/ opinions

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New wetsuit fit/ opinions

Postby Nwsurf » Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:09 pm


I am new to the forum and thought i would try you guys for some advice. I have surfed a fair bit over the last few years in various locations but have always hired a wetsuit or not used one. My wife actually just won me a Ripcurl Flashbomb 5/3 wetsuit that i am sooo happy about especially as iv been looking into buying my own recently.

I looked at various size guides etc when giving details for what size wetsuit i wanted sent to me as i couldnt go and try one and have only worn hire places rough size ones before. I gambled with a small. It come today and after trying on feels a little tighter than expected, overall feels fairly tight, the neck particuarly. More than i would like, not sure if this is a good fit or not and if it will loosen abit after a few uses or when wet? I will include some photos and maybe you guys could help. Was tempted to see if they would let me exchange for a medium but am worried may be too loose.

Any info and advice would be great, thanks.
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Re: New wetsuit fit/ opinions

Postby BoredatWork925 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:25 pm

A few things to note:

* A wetsuit should feel a bit tight, as any water that gets in will impair the insulation that the suit provides. As you may have noticed, innovations that make more expensive wetsuits warmer are almost always based around keeping water out (glued and blindstitched seams, taped seams, glideskin neck and cuffs etc). This is why a good close fit is the most important thing in a suit.

* To get an 'off the peg' wetsuit to not have baggy areas (the last thing you want), unless you're exactly the same shape as the model it's cut for, then it's normal to have to live with areas that are a little tight in order to avoid the dreaded baggy areas where cold water will collect.

* A 5/3 will feel a lot more restrictive than a 3/2. What size have you rented in the past?

* Rental suits are often cheap, thin and worn, and as such will fit poorly and often loosely. A brand new Ripcurl suit will be a whole different type of thing.

* I presume you've done this, but have you checked your measurements against Ripcurl's wetsuit size chart?
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