Rip Curl Flash BomB MT or LT

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Rip Curl Flash BomB MT or LT

Postby vertex » Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:10 am

Hi guys,

it is time to replace my old xcel drylock 3/2 MT. I have decided to give rip curl a try (just want to test another brand). Went yesterday to my surf shop of choice and bought a flash bomb 3/2 MT. I tried a MT and LT. The sales guy recommended to go with the MT (best fit for him). He said the LT would have too bulgy under my arm pits. I felt fine in both wetsuits. Slightly better in the LT. However, followed his advice and bought the MT

Tried on again at home and realized that the suit felt very tight around my shoulders...pulling down...very tight around the neck

Here are my measurements.

188cm (6.2')
77KG (169.4lbs)
waiste 83cm (32.7inch)
chest 97cm (38.2inch)

According to the rip curl size chart. Height - LT, Waiste+Chest+Weight MT

I heard that the xcels are more for bigger guys.

Anybody here with similar measurements and a rip curl suit who can give some advice? Will my MT wetsuit stretch in water and fit better.

I can still swap my wetsuit against a different size.

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