Oneill Psycho 1

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Oneill Psycho 1

Postby Gaaff » Tue May 24, 2016 6:26 pm

Hello Guys!

In 2011 I bought an Oneill Psycho 1 5/3 backzip wetsuit. Have been using it really really much since I bought it, but I think it's time to divorce because she's old and cold after 5 intensive years of use.

Now I want to get a new one, and i'm thinking about getting just the same suit, but with a frontzip. That would be the 2016 Oneill Psycho 1 5/3 fuze.

Does anyone of you have any experience with this suit? And with the technobutter? I use it for surfing, kitesurfing and some other watersports..
Or do you have a better recommendation in terms of durability and warmth?

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