What fin fits me and my log?

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What fin fits me and my log?

Postby Zeta91 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 5:34 pm


Been surfing for a while now and recently bought my second log. Haven't really paid much attention to fins before but I need to get a new one for my new log and I now realize this is a good opportunity to learn more about fins.

Been googling alot and I think I will go with a 10 inch dolphin fin with limited flex. But again, i'm not sure so please help me if you think I should get something else.

Im buying a single fin for a 9'6" Klogs Donald Takayama Model T (shaper Franck Leriche, glassing by Blend). (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-NqhDxbUmO18/U ... 1360_n.jpg)

It's pretty heavy with very limited rocker and 50/50 rails (I think haha)- and it is pretty slow.
I'm a heavy guy (95kg/210lbs) but athletic and I have a pretty "attacking" style of riding, charging at maneuvers rather than cruising a wave. And of course i like to cross-step up to the nose! :)

Next up Im gonna surf a relatively fast wave in Costa Rica- so I'm thinking about buying a fin that wont compensate alot on speed since the board already is kind of slow and very stable.

All help appreciated!
The Klogs board in need of a fin
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Re: What fin fits me and my log?

Postby Jory » Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:23 pm

A lot depends on the tails width and how you want the board to feel.

Basic two options 10" greenough 4a or detemple. Will turn better and suit faster waves. Easier to get on a rail but less stable on the nose.

Takayama model T pivot fin 10" or similar (TW pivot, true Ames heritage etc). More hold, more straight line speed, more stable on the nose, less drawn out more "pivoty" turns, board will feel stiffer. Requires more footwork to whip it around
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