Trip/travel advice, board buying etc

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Trip/travel advice, board buying etc

Postby Pablo » Wed Nov 23, 2016 6:10 am


Not sure if this should've gone in the surf travel section but I need some help/advice.

My gf and I set off on a round the world trip a couple of months ago. Due to the fact that a lot of places we're visiting aren't really surf destinations and the only board I own is a 9'2" (we're travelling with hand luggage only) I decided to leave the board at home and buy one when we reached Sumatra.

We're in Vietnam currently and after Cambodia we'll hopefully be flying into Medan.

I've done a bit of searching online that hasn't really helped me that much in regards to buying a board there.

Does anyone know of a good place to pick up a second hand board in Sumatra? Are there any board buying pages on fb or a website etc.

Looking for something mid length, carpety, eggy mini longboard esq kind of thing. Preff 7' ish

Also, has anyone done a similar route, Sumatra through Java and into Bali and I guess, ending in Lombok?

Any advice/help will be really appreciated.

Thank you!

p.s if anyone is bored and fancies a read of what we've been up to, I started a blog;

And we have a Facebook page;
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Re: Trip/travel advice, board buying etc

Postby spewing » Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:52 pm

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