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Longboard Advice

Postby pechacheli » Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:00 pm

Evening All

I am looking to replace my current longboard and have been browsing the local surf shops here in Devon.

I am torn between going traditional or surftech.

I am aware of the pros and cons of both but when researching surftech (albeit they seem to be from a few years ago) there just seems to be negative comments.

Is anyone riding a surftech longboard or had an experience that would convince me? I see McTavish is producing boards in both styles so surely surftech isn't a fad?

Any advice will be much appreciated..


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Re: Longboard Advice

Postby thechimp » Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:52 am

Randy French started Surftech way back in 89, its still going strong but with a lot less Longboard brands, its now taken over NSP and doubled the Chonburi factory in size.
I had about 7 of the originals, midlengths and longboards, i have always preferred the EPS/Epoxy to the PU for lightness and durability, i like the idea of paddling slightly higher. The new construction methods are a bit of a minefield, Pro Elite, Coretech, Powerflex, TLPC, HD-E and Tekefx, the Mctavish Fireball evo 11 being TLPC and only available in 9' and 9'6, this board is now nearly a grand in the UK and i think way overpriced. I've just bought a 9'4 McCoy longboard XF, one of the Agency boards made in the same factory as Surftech, best longboard i've had, single fin. pin tail but faster and looser than any of the 2+1's i've had. They are available at Tiki around 7-800 quid.
Have a look at the other Agency boards, the Bayliner and the Wilde Admiral from about 650 quid.
Tolhurst has a nice range of Harley Ingleby boards, not sure if available in UK yet.
Even CJ Nelson now has an EPS range, they were previously under Bob Pearson.

See if you can try one first, Zuma Jay in Bude used to have a few Surftechs you could try.
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Re: Longboard Advice

Postby WeAreMemories » Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:01 am

Might be worth a look if still available;

http://community.magicseaweed.com/viewt ... =7&t=45892
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Re: Longboard Advice

Postby majordom » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:37 pm

you need to try identical/similar shapes in the different materials

surftech and other epoxy are lighter so can feel corky and floaty - also hard rails are less defined with surftech i find

only real reason for getting surftech is durability - if you are chucking them in the van and the shed without
a lot of thought then they will last a lot longer !
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