Research on surfspots

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Research on surfspots

Postby maxhoogland » Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:15 pm

Dear surfers,

For my bachelor thesis Earth Sciences I am doing research on surfspots.
I hope to find out what morphological features of beaches and reefs affect waves to produce good surfing conditions and if my findings are universally applicable to any shore. I narrowed it down to three specific cases namely: Hossegor in France, Pipeline in Hawaii and Superbank in Australia.
For each of these spots I'd like to know dates when the conditions were particularly good, and also dates when it was particularly bad for surfing. I really only need specific dates so I can check it with data, but any more information would be great.
With this I hope to tell something about the surfing conditions for any place on the shore regardless of swell and the weather, and therefore to help in the understanding and development of artificial surfing reefs.

Your help would mean a lot to me and I'm very excited to hear about your experiences.

Kind regards,
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