Injury during surfing!

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Injury during surfing!

Postby Pearl Rodriquez » Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:46 am

Hey, I am writing this for my boyfriend. He is an amazing surfer.
He had an injury recently on his face while surfing. He had to put 6 stitches to fix it. It was a bit serious injury. A week after this injury, he started to complain about a toothache. I looked if it was the result of some decay but I couldn’t find one. His pain increased day by day. It was then it struck me that it might be due to the trauma he faced earlier. I immediately booked an appointment for him at a sedation dentistry in Burlington. He says that injuries are part of surfing and there is no need of visiting the doctor for that. I don’t know much about surfing. Is it right what he said? Should I cancel the appointment or? Isn’t it better if I take him there? Please give me your advice in this matter.
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