the best 2 piece bisect surfboard!

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the best 2 piece bisect surfboard!

Postby woodysurfer » Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:48 pm

m sure most of you guys are familiar with the ( god awful ) pope bisect, which was the original 2 piece surfboard. recently i stumbled upon a new brand making 2 piece surfboards called the Carbon Compact based out of long island. i was skeptical especially after how poor my pope bisect rode. but i went and gave them a call and they explained its a completely different system! so i went ahead and placed my order for a 9' semi performance long board. little less than 3 weeks later the board was done! i took the drive up from Maryland and picked up the board and was astounded at how perfect the fitment and construction was! the sides lined up perfectly and the added weight was minimal. the price is definitely a bit high ( $1500) but still not bad considering these boards are hand made start to finish and it does come with everything from fins to wax to a custom bag so your covered. but what i loved most was how well the board rode. took it to france ( only paid a 35$ bag fee each way cause its not a "surfboard" ;) ) and it rode great in 2-4 foot surf and basically felt exactly like a normal 9' long board. did feel a little odd but it was my first epoxy so im thinking that was the difference. either way any of you guys still dealing with the pope bisect should consider these guys !
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Re: the best 2 piece bisect surfboard!

Postby thechimp » Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:29 am

yep interesting, we know the Senor Cabo saga on here, the Harbour DT was a nice bisect but the flex was too great. This system is similar to the Imagine and a German company but both did'nt last. So many airlines now have 2 metre limits on boards this company could take off but need a bigger range of boards, I like the idea of Marc Andreini shaping one.
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