SJ's Surf Forecast for the SW - 24-29 May 2017

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SJ's Surf Forecast for the SW - 24-29 May 2017

Postby Shiraz Jiwa » Tue May 23, 2017 9:44 pm

SJ’s Surf Forecast for the SW

Forecast last updated at 22:40 Tuesday 23rd May 2017
[Don’t forget to look at this forecast the day before you go beach for the latest, as things can often change!]

The Rest Of The Week:
‘Hey, I’m temporarily out of retirement for a one off special forecast as a thank-you to Dave @ Elite Automotive in Cornwall for working on my VW T4 Van. If there’s enough demand I could release old-school articles from my archive of stuff – some from the 60’s/70’s, and the pre-google era of alt.surfing and the DJ files from the mid-90s. Also, not sure if I can but I have some hand drawn British surf mags as well from the early 70s… Will see if I can get something going after the Summer!!)
SJ (formally of / / UKSurfindex.’
Sunrise and sunset – 05:20 and 21:15
Twilight starts and ends – 04:35 and 22:00
Midday – 13:15
Length of day – 15:55
Offshore Sea Temp approx – 13.5C / 56F

Wednesday 24th:
‘Sloppy turning to crumbling clean waves – a bit gutless at a weak kneehigh or so.’
Swell – (i) Weak W-WSW
Wind – Light Variable (Possible W) veering Light+ NNE veering Light+ E
Weather – Cloudy start, with sunny spells by the afternoon/evening. WARM.
North Coast – 2ft/Kneehigh+ going 1-2ft/Kneehigh
South Coast – Flat
Tides – 10:58 Low, 16:53 High

Thursday 25th:
‘Catch some excitable waves on Thursday for what should turn out to be a lazy mellow halcyonic Summer day of great weather and good surf. GREEAATTT! *Capitols not used lightly. ’
Swell – (i) Strong going Medium W
Wind – Light-Medium SE backing ESE
Weather – Wall-to-wall sunshine and blue skies! WARM.
North Coast – 3ft/Waisthigh (with Chesthigh sneaker-sets)
South Coast – 1ft
Tides – 05:16 High, 11:45 Low, 17:40 High

Friday 26th:
‘Strong offshores, but still some good waves about.’
Swell – (i) Medium W-WSW
Wind – Medium ESE-SE
Weather – Sunny. Chance of some cloud later on. WARM.
North Coast – 2-3ft/Knee-Waisthigh (Waisthigh sets)
South Coast – 2-3ft/Knee-Waisthigh
Tides – 06:05 High, 12:31 Low, 18:26 High (Spring tides)

Weekend Summary:
‘Well it is a bank holiday, and so of course the waves are going to turn a bit Pete Tong (that’s wrong for the ‘newer/younger generation!)’’

Saturday 27th:
‘Onshore and messy at most spots, although for those desperate to get wet behind the ears, the waves will still hold a little shape thanks to the medium range swell.’
Swell – (i) Medium W-WSW
Wind – Light-Medium SW veering W-WSW
Weather – Cloudy with a chance of light rain, especially in the morning.
North Coast – 3-4ft/Waist-Chesthigh
South Coast – 1-2ft/Kneehigh
Tides – 06:52 High, 13:16 Low, 19:14 High (Spring tides)

Sunday 28th:
‘Best left to surf-schools and beginners on foamies. Will be a weak barely longboardable kneehigh sloppy wave. Mush-burgers galore – pfffftt!’
Swell – (i) Weak W
Wind – Light-Medium W veering N-NW
Weather – Cloudy but dry.
North Coast – 1-3ft/Knee-Waisthigh going 1-2ft/Kneehigh
South Coast – 1ft
Tides – 07:42 High, 14:05 Low, 20:02 High

Early Next Week:
‘Not much on the horizon surf-wise! Endless Summer flat/small spell. Won’t be long now until the first hurricane swells arrive courtesy if the Gulf Stream Express – usually start around August.’

The scale for measuring conditions:

0-1ft – Unridable/Flat
1-2ft – Kneehigh
3ft – Waisthigh
4-5ft – Chest/Shoulderhigh
6ft – Headhigh
6-8ft = 1-1.5x Overhead
8-10ft = 1.5x Overhead
10-12ft = 2x Overhead
Please Note!

Wave height predictions are based on the larger breaks on both coasts such as Fistral and Croyde for the North, and Praa Sands and Bantham for the South.

Wave height is measured from the front of the wave, and 6ft would usually mean a ‘head-high’ wave.

Try and use some ‘local’ knowledge about what the wave sizes will be elsewhere. For example the Newquay Bay area is generally 1/3 to 3/4 the size of Fistral, increasing the further up the bay you go from Towan to Lusty Glaze, and that it will be clean on a W wind at ‘harbour left’ at Towan at mid-tide’ for example.

Tide times are based on Newquay.

Stay Stoked!
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