Beginner surfer - bath area

Looking for a lift to the beach? Got a car and fancy a help with petrol costs? Just want to bump into a few folk heading in the same direction?

Beginner surfer - bath area

Postby Drumm » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:28 am

Have recently just started surfing and am still hiring a board, although looking to buy in next month or so.

Need to go more often, but need a surf buddy! I am happy to either drive - if hiring equipment (small car), or drive but in my very slow off roader with boards on top, or to pay towards fuel.

Frequently practice on small waves in Boscombe where sessions are supervised, but prefer Gower/Porthcawl but too chicken to go on my own.

A beginner buddy would be great so we could progress at the same time, but happy to go with a pro if I don't cramp your style!

Can be contacted on
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