Day trip tomorrow (24th) from London to somewhere

Looking for a lift to the beach? Got a car and fancy a help with petrol costs? Just want to bump into a few folk heading in the same direction?

Day trip tomorrow (24th) from London to somewhere

Postby Poo Stance » Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:20 pm

Anyone already planning to go west tomorrow from London for the day? Can meet you somewhere to share fuel if you got space.

Or, if anyone wants to jump in with me.

Can't really justify going so far for the day on my own. Neither my conscience or my wallet will sanction it.

PM me or you can email me on traveldj (the at sign) hotmail then a dot and then 'com' :-D

No set destination in mind. I'm easy, just fancy some more waves before the water goes baltic.
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