Creating threads with photos.

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Creating threads with photos.

Postby roberdy » Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:41 pm

Posting images on MagicSeaweed.

A few folk have asked recently about posting images in threads on the forum, here’s a quick little guide for all the noobs out there who can get their wettie on the right way round but can’t post an image in a thread for toffee.

Magic Seaweed doesn't host images unless you upload them in the photos section of the main site - that section is really only for surf related images, sometimes you may find you want to post other images but can't link to them online, this is one way you can save them and post them.

Step 1. Get yourself an account on an image sharing site such as Flickr, Photobucket, Image Shack, Kodak Easy Share, this is just an example list, others can be found here --> ... g_websites.

Step 2. Download and install Microsoft’s Powertoy image resizer if you have a Windows operating system on your computer  ... rtoys.mspx
There are other re-size tools available, Win7 has one embedded if you right click on an image on your pc.

Step 3. Find your images and either resize as required and then upload or just upload them direct to your chosen photo/image sharing site, you can do this with Facebook photos too.

Step 4. Go open one of your photos online, now comes the hard part, in Flickr, if you just copy the web address of the page which has your image on it, all you are creating is a link to the page, it will not display the actual image. What you need to do is hover your mouse over the image and then right click your mouse. Go down to the properties in the little menu that comes up and click on that, you will get a pop-up with the properties for the image you are looking at. You now need to copy the address of the actual image itself, most sites store images as .jpg or .JPEG, you want to look for this image that ends with that or a similar extension like .tif or .TIFF.
In Facebook, just right click on the image (or CMD Click on in OSX), select “copy image location”.

Step 5. Open a post on MSW or hit reply on a thread, add whatever text you feel you have to get off your chest and then look at the icons above the text area for the post. You will see an icon which says Img, click on this, in the text of your post you will see two tags appear [img]&[/img], the cursor will be flashing between them. You need to paste the address you got in step 4 BETWEEN the tags, this tells the forum software that you are linking to an image and to display that image as such.

Step 6. Click on PREVIEW, you will see your post and the carefully chosen, cropped, uploaded and tagged picture you wanted so badly to share with the world.

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