Tim Stafford 7'6" Veesey Rider Duo £450

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Tim Stafford 7'6" Veesey Rider Duo £450

Postby ruffc » Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:53 pm

Reluctantly selling my Tim Stafford Veesey Rider 7'6" Duo, burnt orange tint and polish 2 x 6oz deck, 1 x 6oz bottom 7'6" x 22" x 2 3/4", low rocker, new 7 1/2" True Ames Power Fins and cases very fast drivey board, beautifully made Tim is a real craftsman, circumstances beyond my control are forcing me to sell, if you haven't tried a Duo (designed by Neil Purchase Jnr) this is your chance.
This is what Seasick Surf shop say about them: "So let’s take it from compare surfboards this time, ....
"Overall, the board is a fantastic fun board to ride and definitely different than anything that you’re used to. The other thing that I say about it is that it is not so far out there relative to what you might be riding in some of your other boards.
“.........DUO has some elements of control that you might expect with a thruster, it has the speed of a twinny or quad, and it has that nice smooth feeling of a single fin. Again, it has a special and different feeling that no other board that I’ve ridden really achieves.”
That I think is something very interesting and cool about the board. I’ve been surfing this around Sydney, not in good waves all the time and it actually works well as an all-rounder.
I generally take it out when the waves are a bit bigger and a bit better because it really likes good conditions. ....."
In reaction to this we think that there are so many duo’s now that it has become more of a fin set up than a board. it’s a fast and fun fin set up that different than any other thing you have, probably."
PM me for picture I havn't time to resize them at the moment, based nr Cardiff in Bristol twice a week would travel to meet half way for full price have not de waxed it yet but will for the sale. I have surfed this about half a dozen times and its built to last!
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