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poetry time boys and girls..

PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2004 8:56 am
by exup
[quote]By the way Exup is a real good drummer

im sure what you you meant to say Crispy was Exup is a really REALLY good drummer!!!, but ill forgive you, it must of been late when you wrote the message. cheers for the name drop.was going to post my surf poem for a laugh, but seems a bit camp on the back of your tune, Drumming to poetry, see what i've turnned into since we stopped playing together.........(that sounded dodgy!!!).....heres my attempt at being arty farty....would post a song but none of them are about surfing.....and they arn't as good as Crispy's so this will have to do........

The Perfect Wave

Since the dawn of time, the oceans held a thousand tales.
Its stories spread across the world, and reputation never fails.
Mother natures sleeping beast, it’s ever changing mass
The liquid form of domination, there’s nothing in its class
The force of deadly storms sending ripples to the shore.
The swell just keeps on building right down to the ocean floor.

Yet on the beach it’s calm and well, and the air’s a gentle breeze.
The surfers watch the waters, as the waves will build with ease.
It will only be a couple days and hopefully no more.
That the ocean comes to show its face, to answer the surfers call.

The days arrived, the sea has changed its looking strong and mean
Were promised the surf of a lifetime, were promised 6ft and clean
As we wait with baited breath and surfboards by our side
The offshore wind begins to blow, as we pray for that perfect ride.

We stand and look into the waves as the sets start rolling in
It feels like Christmas morning as we smile with a child like grin
The surfers enter the water, and feel as high as a kite
The waves are breaking nicely and peeling to the right.

First is the fierce white water, like a blanket on the sea
It feels like you’ll never make it through, but persistence is the key
Then is the wall of water as the waves are breaking fast
Just a little more paddling, it’s like my arms aren’t going to last.

And finally I’m at the back my arms are very sore
We look back to see the 6ft waves breaking toward the shore
Now its time to paddle as a wave begins to grow
It starts to rise behind me as the surfboard starts to go

I grab on to the rails as I point towards the floor
And spring up on the surfboard better than I ever have before
I stand and turn then pick up speed, a feeling I embrace
The wave keeps breaking behind me, if you could see the look on my face

The ride seemed to last forever as I charge across its side
And then I slow, as it disappears. It was an unbelievable ride
That moment is there forever, it’s something that I’ll save
The day that I was surfing and caught the perfect wave


PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2004 7:01 pm
by blind
Very nice poem exup , do you have any more ???? , also I used to enjoy watching you play with crispy :shock:
I have seen you both in rubber suits as well