Happy New Year.

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Happy New Year.

Postby perthguy68 » Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:06 pm

Hello everyone.
I really like this part of the forum.
Because you can't really " talk " about surfing. You just have to do it. As soon as you start talking about it, you lose your karma.
Anyway, I live in Perth , Western Australia, where there's been lots of Shark sightings.
So today I went down to my local video store and hired a movie called " Sharks In Venice . "
I did this because I wanted to see that we here in little old Perth are not the only ones
with this problem.
Anyway I rang Stephen Baldwin the star of the movie, and I told him that I've got a real good idea for a sequel. - " Sharks In Texas. " ...two.
Basically.... my script goes like this :
Christpher Walken who's stars as the leading role, just got his left leg bit off down in the Baja. But he's OK now, and he moves to Texas to get away from things ...and relax a bit.
Anyway, he goes down to the local pool and has a burger. After that he climbs the ladder all the way up to the top diving board, he conjures up a bit of courage ( there a stiff South Westerly blowing that might take him off course, )
and he takes a dive, does twist with pike, but he ends up smack dab, right in Jaws gob. He grabs his mobile and phones Roy Shreider. But he can't help. He's too busy.
So he pulls out his colt 45, sticks it right up Jaws left nostril, and pops a cap. .... The End.
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