Finger nail f***

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Finger nail f***

Postby insideout » Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:29 pm

Smashed my hand in Fuerte in December 2014.

Damaged the nail and it came off, its growing back but it gets moist under the bit that starts to grow and then it separates from the nail bed again and I'm back to square one and have to cut it back!

Obvious answer keep it dry but that's impossible as we know being surfers!

Has anyone had this problem before and how did you manage? I'm thinking to superglue under the nail where its growing back to stop it getting moist or maybe put a cotton gauze on it and heat shrink it?

Problem is taping it up it will still sweat underneath and cause it to get moist and separate! Can't find much online except 'keep it dry!'

Any ideas appreciated.
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