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PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 10:53 pm
by ned1
does any one know what plugin is required so the wave animations will run as i,ve recently formatted my computer and now they don,t run.


PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 7:15 am
by Surf Monkey
are you on a slow conection? used to take forever to load when i was on 56k

PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 8:53 am
by ned1
thanks for the reply guys i,m running xp and using ie6 i,ve done all the windows updates checked the options to allow animations to play and i,m on broadband and never had a problem with download speed before. so not really sure whats going on.


PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 9:51 am
by swordie
heh, IE.

Preaching now.

Ditch IE and head for mozilla. less fuss, less nasties, less holes.

Even better it's open source - so no pennies in Micro$hafts pockets [for all that IE is 'free' it's still crap, and they tie you into their world in other ways]

Hell I'd ditch windows too, but my linux skills are minimal.

preach off

PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 10:03 am
by Powl
Techie guy at work is an open source freak. Agree with you about mozilla/firefox, that's what I use, but I'm not really into that openoffice crap and whatnot... Sorry, what a dull post :?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 10:47 am
by swordie
yeah but this is the dull post thread :D

I like mozilla firefox, even tho it does have the glitches you often get with opensource. Still using Hotmail tho, cos amazingly it works and has never let me down.

Have'nt tried Thunderbird yet.

Used a mates applemac for a while - now there's the dog's 'nads [no good for gaming tho']

PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 10:49 am
by Grizzly
My major complaint with Macs is the mice. How the hell are you suppossed to get by with just one mouse button? Barbarism.
As for browsers, I'm using Firefox with SUSE 9.1. Yum. Plus it comes with quite a fetching anorak...

PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 10:52 am
by Zoidberg
Yeah Macs are pretty good. I've got an iMac about 5 years old but better than mosts of my mates new PC's, my dads got a G4 Cube and my sister got a G4 iBook lap top
Best comps there are.


PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 12:32 pm
by [REZ]
dont get me started on the mac v's pc debate...i have only used macs ..but thats kinda goes with my job they handle graphic applications far better than pc's and yes swordie is right ...not that good for companies spend loads of time making the game for the pc then if they have any money left over they might make a mac version!!!
The new G5 is the absolute mutts nuts. Maybe next year when i get some money sorted out...on the otherhand a new stick would be nicer...and far more enjoyable 8)
Heres a pick of me mac...bit geeky taking a pic of a computer :oops:


PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 1:10 pm
by Paddy.James
i seen some very new games thats work on mac processors....

PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 1:24 pm
by DJ
i use a G4 iBook and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 works just fine and dandy!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 8:11 am
by ned1
guess ill just go and buy a mac then. :lol:



PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 8:23 am
by Paddy.James

PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 8:32 am
by ned1
no seriously ill just have to scratch me head and sort the problem i also check the noaa site as well and the animations don,t run off that eithe,r mind you ill probably end up getting a virus or something and it will probably end up fixing itself-- good old microsoft.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 9:01 am
by ned1
after about an hour looking through various forums turned out my firewall was stopping animations now all sorted my life can now return to normall ie whats the swell doing and everything alse can revolve around that. :D