london to point/reef/decent surf - weekends

Looking for a lift to the beach? Got a car and fancy a help with petrol costs? Just want to bump into a few folk heading in the same direction?

london to point/reef/decent surf - weekends

Postby t-Wharf » Thu Oct 06, 2011 7:57 am


If you spot a decent swell coinciding with light or offshore winds hitting Kimmeridge, Lynmouth, Gower or East Coast (or even a proper channel gale for B-ton)at the weekend, and want to split the fuel, share the ride, then call me. 07862291167 ( - facebook Tom Wharf (london)

I have a bongo-van. sweet, roomy, but a little juicy. I am fully comp and a careful driver, so can share your driving if you have a zippy eficient car.

I like to surf points and reefs, but also a big fan of llangennith and the east coast
Have lived and surfed(?!) in london for 8 years now, and all my surf buddies have moved away - the last one moves to devon in a week - so I need new surf buddies. lets go get some banging waves! By day i am a rivers and coastal engineer - i like beaches!

Cheers, lets hook up, i know its a bit weird looking for friends on the internet, but such is life!
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