Looking for a 1:1 teacher - West Cornwall

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Looking for a 1:1 teacher - West Cornwall

Postby Vincey88 » Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:10 pm


After a great lesson today I'm looking for a sort of teacher. I'm rubbish at popping up but confident at paddling and catching, basically I just need someone to yell "get the f*ck up" at me..!

Would prefer a female (I'm a girl and the last person to contact me via here was a creepy man!!). Can figure out a price. I live in West Cornwall, godrevy is my closest beach but would prefer somewhere more private so I can get confident in popping up!

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Re: Looking for a 1:1 teacher - West Cornwall

Postby Supafly » Sat May 04, 2013 6:58 pm

You don't need a teacher. Just get out there. They will just fill your head with a bunch of garbage (that's rubbish to you). If you can catch the wave then you're doing fine. Same thing I tell everyone. Go surf and catch as many waves as you can. Pop up on every single one and don't worry about falling. It's just water. Most good surfers appreciate newbies that charge. You're a girl, so you get special consideration. I bet you can even get a few pointers from some of the guys when you're out there.

I can give you a little advice:

#1 biggest mistake beginner surfers make is standing straight up. You MUST bend your knees. It's the same in any sport. Bending your knees provides more balance and forgiveness, but don't worry about the reason, just bend. Bend more than you think you need to. Watch a few surf videos and see how low the pros get.

#2 biggest mistake beginner surfers make is sitting too far back on your board. That's fear. It will make you miss your wave. I'd rather see you go over the falls than miss your wave. Go over the falls 10 times for each wave you actually catch. You'll learn quicker the more you fail, but if you don't catch a wave then you don't learn. Sounds like you don't have a problem with this one.

You can't be afraid to go for it - every wave, as long as you're considerate toward other surfers. Don't drop in or kick your board out. Even if you do, you may get away with it because you're a girl.

Keep surfing!
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